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LCAT is a career assessment test that is aimed at giving a student a deep insight into their psychometric profile and thereby allowing them to take an informed decision/choice at the very right time. It is based on an extensive scientific framework that has been formulated after closely observing the various advancements in the field of psychometrics. LCAT is offered in three different categories. LCAT Rise for 8th/ 9th standard students, which suggests the two most suitable streams that they can pursue after their 10th standard. LCAT Sail for 10th/11th/12th standard students and LCAT Redesign for college students, which suggest the five career fields that are the most congruent to their psychometric profile.

Although many of us might be feeling that career guidance and counselling has become obsolete due to the wide spread availability of internet and computers, the sad reality is that most students are not getting proper direction/guidance due to the lack of professional methods/personnel. Currently, the students mainly get guidance through the following channels.

  • From parents, near relatives or friends.
  • From people who have made a very good career for themselves, for example Bureaucrats, Executives, Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers etc.
  • From people who have taken career guidance as their occupation.

All these three categories of people have been making their own contribution to this field. However, this will not suffice a budding student who is looking forward to make for himself/herself a high performing career in this ever more competitive world. Each and every student should be able to choose courses/streams which are perfectly in line with their personality aspects, interest areas, aptitudes, work value preferences and emotional intelligence. Unfortunately most of the so called “aptitude tests” conducted in India are direct facsimiles of similar tests developed by foreign companies and all of these tests are developed on the basis of the social and cultural context prevailing in their respective countries of origin. Scientific studies have shown that the results of these tests are not valid in south Asian countries like India. The use of high level language which the commoners find difficult to understand and the highly inflated pricing structure are some among the many other shortcomings of such tests. With an aim to improve and solve this alarming situation, vLEAD Eduventures has developed Lead Career Assessment Test (LCAT) based on an extensive and cutting edge scientific research exercise.

LCAT has been developed under the guidance of experienced psychometricians from around the world by a team of highly qualified researchers with an academic background from reputed universities like IIT Kharagpur, IIT Madras, Eindhoven University of Technology Netherlands, Technical University of Munich, Technical University of Darmstadt, National University of Singapore, Delhi University and University of Hyderabad.

LCAT is currently offered in English and Malayalam. We are working to provide the test in other local languages so that the test is accessible to everyone irrespective of their language abilities.

LCAT is not a timed test, but the expected time required for completion is around 150 minutes.

A very comprehensive test report consisting of 40-50 pages is provided. The report includes a detailed expert analysis and suggests improvement strategies tailor made for each and every student based on his/her test results. The reports can be immediately accessed through the “My Reports” tab on your LCAT dashboard after you have completed the test.

The payment for the test can be done through multiple channels including net banking, debit cards and credit cards.

The programs are customisable according to the institute’s needs. Institutes can contact vLEAD on for discussing the details about an institutional level LCAT solution.

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