Tailor-made Career Assessment & Guidance at Institutional Level

Career assessment at an institutional level has the potential to make a profound societal impact owing to the deep statistical insights it can provide. Institutional level LCAT solutions are designed to cater to any social group associated with the field of education like schools, colleges, family groups, social enterprises/community-based organizations (CBOs), non-governmental organizations and government bodies. Apart from the assessment test, vLEAD Eduventures also offers customized career planning and development solutions through multiple individual and group level programmes which include one on one career guidance, group guidance, workshops, parenting and mentoring. By offering institutional level LCAT solutions, vLEAD intends to ensure that its unique and highly advanced products are accessible to all sections of the society with greater affordability.

Schools & Colleges

Schools and colleges play a very important role in nurturing students and guiding them to the right track. Schools and colleges can now use LCAT to guide their students to a career that suits them the best. The heads of institutions can request for the test to be conducted for a group of students from different grades.

Social Enterprises / Community Based Organizations (CBOs)

CBOs work at the grassroot level of the society and people often identify themselves with these CBOs. This extensive reach that the CBOs enjoy has put them in a unique position which has enabled them to make substantial impacts on India's educational sector through their different initiatives. CBOs around India can now use institutional LCAT solutions for their initiatives in the educational sector.


The myriad NGOs in India have played a crucial role in bringing about social change and development through their different activities. They have made a commendable impact on educating the underprivileged across the country. Any legally registered NGO in India can avail institutional LCAT solutions to aid them in their activities in the educational sector.

Government Bodies

Government welfare programmes and schemes can make use of LCAT to help students from all over India who can’t afford quality career guidance options so as to help them achieve social and economic development by pursuing the right career.

Family Groups

Family initiatives are crucial and have a lot of potential in bringing about proper career planning and development. vLEAD Eduventures is proud to offer a unique solution in this direction by providing an option to conduct LCAT as a part of family meetings / family get-togethers. Any family group with a minimum of 15 students (across the three LCAT categories) can avail this package.

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