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Discover how a high school student can make their perfect stream choice with the help of LCAT Rise

During a transition phase like high school, it is vital that every child is able to explore their unique set of potentials and talents so that they can start taking their life forward in a direction that offers them a sense of fulfilment.

LCAT Rise is an assessment tool specifically developed for students of 8th and 9th standard to help them understand what they really are and what they really want for themselves. It is a completely online test which is based on an intuitive user interface that ensures a very smooth user experience.

All assessment and post-assessment activities are managed through the LCAT Dashboard which is replete with a lot of unique features and it acts as a personalised assessment and guidance platform for each student.

LCAT Rise evaluates a student’s aptitude, personality and interest, and thereby extracting a detailed picture of their psychometric profile.

Once the test is completed a very comprehensive 37 page report is generated, which provides an in-depth analysis of the student’s psychometric makeup and suggests improvement strategies that the student can employ in the future.

LCAT report gives the student a clear picture of their way forward by suggesting the top 2 stream choices that are best suited for them. The student also gets a detailed overview of the various aspects related to these streams in the form of Mind Maps.

Post-assessment, the students are ensured continued support through vLEAD Eduventures’ array of tech empowered counselling activities that include personalized career planning through telephonic sessions with career experts and online chat support for all career related queries.

Students who want to have a more extensive and in-depth guidance on their career in the long term has the option to have Face to Face counselling sessions with vLEAD Eduventures’ dedicated career mentors.

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